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localMana announces the launch of manaAir

localMana announces the launch of manaAir

[ROWLEY, MA, July 13 2020]

localMana is pleased to announce the addition of manaAir to localMana's suite of engagement tools. manaAir is a community driven web radio station designed to promote local news, artists, pod-casters and hosts.  

localMana is all about facilitating engagement, sharing knowledge and inspiring people and what better way to promote conversations and engagement than topic based radio, said Carl Norloff, CEO of localMana.

manaAir will start with Arts & Entertainment and playlists are being created that promote up and coming musicians with original music. However, it is anticipated that each of our 21 social spaces will be represented by multiple DJs  hosting music, interviews and interactive talk shows, said Norloff.

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localMana is an engagement platform that facilitates conversations, social sharing and rewards between people, businesses and non-profits.  localMana provides a safe haven where people, businesses and non-profits can engage with each other to solve problems, provide support and inspire each other to be successful. Everyone is a knowledge source and localMana facilitates the conversation by connecting people, businesses and nonprofits within a community focus, like health, home or pets.  With 7 easy to use engagement activities, everyone has a voice!

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