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S&H Interactive for Businesses

A loyalty program proven to drive sales

As a small business, creating and managing a loyalty program can be difficult.  The goal with any program is to create differentiation, increase store visits/purchases, and have an easy way to measure success.  The S&H Interactive platform not only provides you with a brand that is universally recognized as a trusted loyalty program but also an easy way to create and track promotions that reward your most loyal customers.

S&H Green Stamp Rewards

S&H Green Stamps™ has been recognized as America's most successful customer loyalty brand. A brand that stands for trust, value and fun. Even today, S&H Green Stamps™ still holds national brand recognition of 73% with the 55+ demographic. 

By offering your customers S&H Green Stamps™, you a have a unique way of differentiating your business and rewarding your customers for doing business with you.

For more information on becoming a green team member, schedule a call with us.