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Sandau Legalcreated the topic: What information would you like to learn more about?

Having a discussion means finding common interests. What topics or issues would you like to start talking and learning more about? Let us know!

1 day ago

Sandau Legal asked the question Will I be able to get credit after filing bankruptcy!

YES! Often within 6 months of discharge of a bankruptcy, a debtor is able to qualify into both a secured and unsecured credit card arrangement. Contrary to popular belief, debtors who file bankruptcy are often deemed as better credit risks as their debt …

1 day ago

Sandau Legal asked the question Will I lose my car in bankruptcy?

Most of the time, no. Bankruptcy is a powerful tool when it comes to vehicles. Debtor's will have a choice to reaffirm their car loans, return their vehicles, or in some limited cases redeem them at the current market value. Further, both the Federal and …

1 day ago

Sandau Legal asked the question Will I lose my home in bankruptcy?

Generally, no. In Massachusetts, there is a $500,000 homestead exemption on all properties that have a homestead filed against them. This means any equity in the home up to $500,000 is often exempted from a creditor's reach. Further, both the Federal and …

1 day ago

Sandau Legal asked the question What factors impact my credit score?

Debt to Credit Limit Ratios Payment History Length of Credit History Age of Oldest Account Hard Inquiries

1 day ago

Zone LivingCOVID and Immuno-Nutrition

Written by Dr. Barry Sears on June 29, 2020 "We have within our body the most sophisticated defense system to contain the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. It’s our immune system, but it is only going to work if you know howto keep it at peak …

2 days ago


Jon Stewart who left his groundbreaking TV show THE DAILY SHOW 5 years ago to Trevor Noah, is back again in a larger format, but his sights are still laser-focused on the lunacy of the broken system in which we’re trapped. A cross between a movie and a …

4 days ago

Zone LivingWhat Are Omega-3s and How Do They Work?

Omega-3s are the building blocksfor hormones that help combat or resolve inflammation. When we have too muchinflammation it is one of the main reasons we gain weight, develop chronicdisease, and age at a faster pace. What you may not know is 90% of us …

1 week ago

Zone LivingAre You Getting The Right Omega-3s In Your Diet?

Written by Dr. Barry Sears on June 23, 2020 The primary benefits of omega-3scome from their ability to resolve inflammation through the hormones theygenerate . The two omega-3s that have been the most widely studied for their clinicalbenefits on …

1 week ago

The Natural DogNO DCM link to grain free food follow up

Here is a link of the article in the Journal of Animal Science in case anyone would like to share with their veterinarian. View Article Here Abstract Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) has been in the literature and news because of the recent opinion-based …

1 week ago

Generations to ComeHere is exactly WHY #investors need #annuities NOW!

This video by Tom Hegna explains how you can eliminate your market risk in this current volatile stock market and increase your investment returns using lifetime income annuities. Here is exactly WHY #investors need #annuities NOW! With the recent …

1 week ago

Generations to ComeKey Retirement Principles

Hi Mark - this is a test. Go ahead and edit this entry by clicking on the edit pencil and edit. You can always give me a call, any time you get stuck!!

1 week ago


JUNETEENTH It’s a date whose history, because of the sweep of recent historic events, has been thrust into sharper focus. JUNETEENTH commemorates June 19, 1865 the date on which slaves in Texas were finally informed not only of the end of the Civil War, …

2 weeks ago

Generations to ComeWelcome to Your Money Matters. We're just getting started but hope to inspire thoughtful and valuable conversations with you.  Feel free to ask questions, comment on blogs or start a conversation in Discussions. Stay tuned for informative articles.

2 weeks ago

    Beautique NewburyportCruelty Free and Vegan Products

    At Beautique, it is our goal to provide to you safe and effective products for both our professional and retail offerings. We are passionate about the quality of what products we use and wanted to share with you some of our products that go above and …

    2 weeks ago

    Generations to ComeCovid-19 Implications for Long Term Care Insurance

    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many LTC insurance carriers are making temporary adjustments to who they will underwrite. If you have questions which carriers are writing at certain ages, please call me. Tony DeMartino @ Your Money Matters (C) 908-328 …

    2 weeks ago

    Community Managercreated the group Resilience

    Grief is unique for every person. We all have to find our resilience after the loss of our loved ones. Welcome to Resilience a community for hope, healing and inspiration. Interact with others, ask questions, start a conversation and know that you have a community behind you.

    2 weeks ago


      YES! FINALLY a summer movie–and it’s a good one. “The King of Staten Island” stars that tall gawky SNL cast member who dresses like a 12 year-old, was engaged to Ariana Grande for a minute, and sometimes plays the shallow, slack-jawed pool boy next …

      2 weeks ago

      Beautique NewburyportAir Safety

      Did you know that Beautique uses the REME HALO in our Salon? Your safety is important to us and we want you to know that we are doing what ever we can to ensure that our environment is clean and safe! Here is some information about the REME HALO REME …

      3 weeks ago

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