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localMana is all about you and your story

Whether you're a community member looking for support and encouragement, a business or nonprofit looking to engage a vibrant audience, localMana provides a social space where you can feel comfortable interacting with others to affect change, learn and create awareness.  Our story begins with you.  localMana, the way social should be.

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Your Main Street

Just for your town. A place where locals can collaborate and engage around important community topics. Discuss town opportunities, events, challenges, school or sports. Share ideas, ask questions and stay informed. View

Shop Local

Supporting local business has never been easier! Find and interact with your favorite businesses and earn rewards when you do.  Our business partners are credible, reliable, and love the communities that they serve. Meet them here on localMana. View

Social Spaces

Love pets? Wine? Health? Food? Join a social community and interact with others that share your passion. Find answers, share ideas, discuss important topics like "Senior Care or Pets". Know that you have a community behind you. View


Your local Non-Profits are on a mission to create awareness and increase engagement for incredibly important causes. Volunteer, donate, share ideas and participate in fun events that benefit a cause you are passionate about. View

Who is localMana for?

LocalMana is for people, businesses and non-profits that want a better way to find and engage a relevant audience of people with shared interests. By working together within a community focus, you have the mana or power to affect change. You have a voice, share it.

Ready to embrace your inner LocalMana? 

Mana Nirvana

We realize that you have your favorite social sites and will rely on them to be your "social hangout" so we decided to treat social different, to give you, your local businesses and nonprofits the mana or power to engage around shared interests, together, in one place.

With localMana you have a platform to create awareness, learn and engage. So, whether it's your town, pets, health or food, you'll find a social space where you'll have a community of businesses, nonprofits and others like you that you can rely on.

Ask questions, engage in conversations, submit ideas, read blogs from local experts and get rewarded when you do!

No advertisements, No filtering, No judgement.  just you and your cohorts.

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With localMana you have the Mana to be heard, to connect and interact with others like you, local businesses and nonprofits in one, place. No filtering, no advertising, no judgement and no selling of information. It's your voice, be heard! Localmana, the way social should be!