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Tired of Negativity and Filtering?

localMana is the perfect platform for creating awareness, learning and enabling you to engage with others that share your interests. Ask questions, learn about local businesses and nonprofits and more importantly, start meaningful conversations! localMana never filters or censors your input. Your voice is your own, always!

Here is what you can do:

A community when you need it

Do you love food or pets? Or maybe you are dealing with health issues and need support and encouragement. Join or start a community on localMana and interact with resources that can help! 

Find a Business or Nonprofit

localMana is driven by local businesses and nonprofits. To be clear, it is not about advertising or spam. It's all about sharing knowledge and helping you solve problems.

Share and Earn Rewards

Be the social butterfly! localMana has over 100 events that reward you for being active in your community. Engage, click the share buttons, like, comment and earn big. 

Being part of a community has it's advantages.

Each community on localMana has 6 different ways that you can interact with businesses, non-profits and others that share your interests. localMana is not timeline driven, so information is never more than a click away! You have easy access to Q&A, Discussions, Events, Blogs, Ideas and Articles.


How you can use the features of localMana

localMana Features

localMana is all about learning, creating awareness and sharing. Our community based approach enables people, businesses and nonprofits to come together and solve problems around shared interests. Find your community and join!

Within each community there are 6 different ways that you can engage and collaborate on things that matter in your life.

Have a question? Your community has answers. Just use Answers to ask. Anyone in the community can answer and others can reply with a vote up so you can easily see the most popular answer. Each time you ask or answer a question, you get rewarded!

Your local businesses and nonprofits love to share stories about what they do and will use blogs to provide tips and insights just for you.

Discussions are a great way to engage groups of people around topics. Anyone in the community can create a topic for discussions. It might be a discussion on the best way to cook garlic or ??

Have an idea for a local business, nonprofit or the community. Submit it and see how the community responds. You might be a business thinking of a new product idea. Float it to the community to see how your fans respond, thumbs up or that dreaded thumbs down!

There may be times that you want to have a living document that can be updated by teams. The Wiki is perfect for that.

Your local businesses and nonprofits will be posting events relevant to the community.  Subscribe and you will always be in the loop!


While you can always find business resources in our directory, groups are where the action is. localMana creates groups around shared interest which means that you will be interacting with people, businesses and nonprofits that are relevant to  your interest.

For instance, your furry friend loves to run and play with other furry friends so you would like to find dog parks and people that have the same interest. You could join a localMana pet group in your area and have a community of people, businesses and non-profits ready to interact with you.

Find a local businesses

Looking for a great restaurant or a plumber or ?  localMana has a business directory chock full of local resources that you can rely on.  Find their profile, testimonials, pictures, special promotions and more!

If you are a fan, look for your favorite business within a community and have a credible network of resources at your disposal.

Support and Encouragement

Divorce, Elder Care, Health Conditions

Sometimes having a supportive community behind you can make all the difference when dealing with life's challenges. localMana can connect you to people, businesses and nonprofits that can help guide you.

For instance, suppose you had a loved one needing to move to assisted living, looking for medicare support or dealing with a health concern like Alzheimers. You may have a lot of questions and concerns. How nice would it be to collaborate with others that are dealing with the same issues, in ONE place.

Simply find a relevant community and join in.

You're a foodie, craft beer or wine afficianado

Ahh the bouquet... Do I detect a subtle hint of caramel...

Whether it's wine, craft beer or gin, you may consider yourself a connoisseur or maybe you just love the subject. Either way, join a group and surround yourself with others that share your passion. Share ideas and events, discuss topics and become one with your passion!


Contribute and get Manatized!

localMana has over 150 events that generate points when you do something. A facebook share, a comment, ask a question  or submit an idea. It's our way of thanking you for promoting a vibrant community.

Do and share!
Every page has social share buttons. If you read an informative blog, share with your social friends. If you want more feedback on a question or idea, poke those social buttons. Like comment and share, the more you engage the more points you earn!

What can you do with your points?
localMana business partners will offer incentives and promotions that you can take advantage of with your points. It might be a gift card, a discount or well.... just about anything! 

Join Us - localMana is a free community resource

localMana gives you a platform for engagement and actionable outcomes. Join your Main Street, ask questions, submit ideas, interact around blogs and discussions, find events and more!