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Here at localMana, our idea of community is a safe haven where people, businesses and non-profits can engage with each other to solve problems, provide support and inspire each other to be successful. Everyone is a knowledge source and localMana facilitates the conversation by connecting people, businesses and nonprofits within a community focus, like health, home or pets. With 6 easy to use engagement activities, everyone has a voice.

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Businesses and Nonprofits start the conversation by sharing their knowledge via a blog or discussion. Community members then engage by asking questions, submitting ideas, participating in discussions and sharing with their social friends and family, all within a relevant social space like health or pets. When people engage, they get rewarded!.


We believe that:

An engaged community is a powerful resource for sustainable, meaningful interactions that create loyalty and growth.

Local businesses and nonprofits are an important part of our community and have a wealth of knowledge to share, not by advertising, but by contributing relevant, valuable information.

Every voice should be heard, so there is no filtering, algorithms or censorship.

We believe that people who are creating value for others should receive recognition for their participation, contribution and support of localMana Communities.

Interactions should not be based on a timeline where they can lost or forgotten.

We Are One Team – Your connections on localMana make the difference. It’s when we share our skills, knowledge and experience we become one community. Diversity of voice makes us strong.

Bring it!

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