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You want results! Right?

We Get It...

When you spend money to promote your business, you want results and getting results can be difficult if you don't have the time, expertise or budget to effectively leverage everything out there.  Well, you're not alone. In fact, 76% of small business owners are frustrated with their digital marketing efforts.

Let's fix that!

Win New Customers

Created explicitly for small business owners, localMana eliminates the complexities of promoting your business and enables you to easily find, engage, and socially leverage large audiences of relevant consumers without the expense, time or expertise required by other solutions.  When you join localMana, you have access to a platform designed to easily grow your business.

Want more leads, more customers, more control?

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More leads, More Customers, Results

Branded Business Page

Trouble getting found? Getting to the top of search results can be difficult and expensive. Not on localMana. With your search engine optimized business page, people will not only find you, they'll learn all about you. Everything from photos to video, coupons, testimonials and so much more.


Based on your business type, localMana creates communities around shared interests, like pets or health. For instance, If you own a pet store, how awesome would it be to have a community of motivated pet lovers and pet related non-profits that you can engage?

Social Tools

Already post on facebook? Frustrated with the lack of likes, shares, comments AND conversion?   With localMana you have an easy way to tell your story and an even easier way to enable people to spread the word about you on their social sites. We call it "Social Word of Mouth" and localMana has 6 different ways that you can inspire your fans to become your brand advocate on their social sites. If you want a lot of people to know about your business, localMana has you covered!


With localMana you can tell who your most active fans are and you have the ability to reward them whenever they do something that benefits your business. A facebook like or share, a comment, a new idea or joining your community. localMana has over 150 events that generate point rewards and you can choose how the points are redeemed.

Why I'm part of localMana

I'm a small business owner. I own a vintage store and I want to tell you why I am part of localMana. I get approached by someone almost every week wanting to sell me the next best thing to advertise my business. A map, a print ad, coupon flyer, google, yelp, a networking group etc.  $300 here, $400 there, it adds up. Sometimes I give a service a try but not once have I had any real success and frankly, I'm tired of spending time and money on things I can't control. I use facebook and Instagram and do get some success there, but most of my "followers" will never become real customers.

localMana changes that. I like that fact that not only am I am in complete control of my success but localMana is locally focused and if I choose, I can connect to other shops like mine. We can work together to grow our businesses! The best part is that the people I interact with within my community actually love vintage goods. So It's easy to get their attention. All I have to do is post something, which I do on facebook anyway. Now I post on localMana, share it to facebook and I get the best of both worlds.  

I have many wonderful customers that visit my shop often. With localMana, I can tell who my most active customers are and I have a way to reward them when they support my business.

An added bonus - I used to pay for constant contact to send my monthly newsletters but now I don't have to. Email is included in the localMana subscription.

The Premise

If you are like most businesses, you spend time posting on different social sites and more likely than not, you get minimal engagement in terms of likes, shares or comments. You might even belong to multiple networking groups, spend money on email and other things to promote your business!

Getting results is hard, isn't it?

Not on localMana! localMana is different. We give you the ability to share your knowledge with a relevant audience and then we reward that audience for sharing that knowledge with their social friends and family. You still get the benefit of your social sites by posting on localMana and then share it to your social pages too!

How it works

localMana creates your branded presence including a business page, graphic and email (that's right email is included)  and then adds you to a relevant community. For instance, if you own a Pet Store, we'd create a community called Dogs are Amazing which gets populated with loads of people and nonprofits that LOVE dogs. People that actually love what you do, so it's easy to get their attention.

Then instead of posting on facebook, twitter or LinkedIn, post on localMana using any one of our six activities and then share it to your social sites. When anyone in your community engages with your post, they get rewarded. EASY!  BTW, unlike other social sites, we do not filter your posts so if you post it, everyone sees it!

The bottom line. It's incredibly easy and by spending just a few minutes a week telling your story, you'll get more leads, more customers and more revenue.

Features You Can Use

Creating engaging content on localMana is easy. You have the following 6 ways to interact with your community. Everything you post on localMana is shareable to your facebook, twitter or linkedIn accounts. Save time and create exponential exposure for your business.

Have a question? Your community has answers. Just use Answers to ask. Anyone in the community can answer and others can reply with a vote up so you can easily see the most popular answer. Each time you ask or answer a question, you get rewarded!

Your local businesses and nonprofits love to share stories about what they do and will use blogs to provide tips and insights just for you.

Discussions are a great way to engage groups of people around topics. Anyone in the community can create a topic for discussions. It might be a discussion on the best way to cook garlic or ??

Have an idea for a local business, nonprofit or the community. Submit it and see how the community responds. You might be a business thinking of a new product idea. Float it to the community to see how your fans respond, thumbs up or that dreaded thumbs down!

There may be times that you want to have a living document that can be updated by teams. The Wiki is perfect for that.

Your local businesses and nonprofits will be posting events relevant to the community.  Subscribe and you will always be in the loop!

Do you pay for email? You don't need to with localMana! A simple to use email program is perfect for that weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletter!

What can I say, the phone keeps ringing.  localMana makes it easy to reach a lot of people that are interested in doing business with us!  For the money, you can't go wrong.

Bill Contractor

I like the fact that localMana is locally focused and isn't about advertising but more about creating relationships with my customers. Both new and existing.

Elizabeth Vintage Store Owner

Thank you localMana, I had my first $5000 day, in February no less, just by promoting my events and sharing to social media. Easy! My customers are my biggest fans

Kathy Shop Owner

Want more leads, more customers, more control?

Click the link below to schedule a brief call or demo to learn why localMana is the best solution for your business!