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Learn how localMana can benefit your business

Are you struggling with online marketing and connecting with local consumers?

With localMana, your brand/business has an easy way to reach a targeted, relevant audience of people that love what you do. localMana makes it easy to turn your fans into a sales force, giving your brand amazing exposure, more sales and more long term loyal customers!

Drive Sales by Knowledge Sharing

Most marketing solutions rely on advertising promotions to drive sales, whether it's on social media or print. Or maybe you spend a lot of time in social or networking groups. 

localMana uses a different approach. We connect your brand/business with a relevant audience within a community focus, not by advertising, but by sharing your knowledge, something you are comfortable doing.

Connect - Engage - Reward

  1. Build deeper relationships with your fans
  2. Reward fans for sharing and engaging
  3. Connect with businesses and nonprofits to grow your business

By leveraging communities and connections, you can reach more customers and get more trusted referrals.

Easy as 1-2-3

Business Profile

Tell us about your business and we'll put you in a relevant community group. localMana is a referred network so you don't have to worry about competition!

Create Content

Share your knowledge in a post. Share it to your facebook, twitter, linkedIn or Pinterest pages. Done!

Grow Your Network

Invite your customers, nonprofits and other businesses to join your community to boost your reach exponentially.

Interested In Learning More?

What can I say, the phone keeps ringing.  I don't have time for social media so having my fans recommend me on their facebook pages works for me.

Bill Contractor

I like the fact that localMana is locally focused and isn't about advertising but more about creating relationships with my customers.

Elizabeth Vintage Store Owner

I had my first $5000 day, just by promoting my events and sharing to social media. Easy! My customers are my biggest fans

Kathy Shop Owner