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Grief is unique for every person. We all have to find our resilience after the loss of our loved ones. Welcome to Resilience, a community for hope, healing and inspiration. Interact with others, ask questions, start a conversation and know that you have a community behind you.

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  • 2/23/2021


A Butterfly's Journey
A Butterfly's Journey

A Butterfly’s Journey (a 501c3 non-profit)
We help those struggling with grief to find resilience after loss.
Barbara is founder, President & Exec Director, Certified Grief Specialist. ABJ offers GRM group or 1-on-1 classes, an online Resource Ctr & "Faces of Resilience" photo shoots for expressing feelings. (was ‘Portraits of Loss’) / 617-410-6309
Hopkinson, a former IBM executive, after the loss of 3 children and her husband, turned her grief of into a powerful memoir "A Butterfly's Journey... Healing Grief After the Loss of a Child", that inspires others to find love and happiness again after enduring the most shocking loss of all—the death of a child. She also was part of an inspirational collaborative book "FAITH - Finding Answers In The Heart, Volume II”, and writes for “Grief Diaries.”
Her insights were gained from her own spiritual journey, and more than 15 years of leading a support group for other bereaved families through The Compassionate Friends of Greater Newburyport, part of an international nonprofit organization. Site;

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