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LocalMana, the way social should be!

We realize that you have your favorite social sites and will rely on them to be your "social hangout" so we decided to treat social different, to give you, your local businesses and nonprofits the mana or power to engage around shared interests, together, in one place.

With localMana you have a platform to create awareness, learn and engage. So, whether it's your town, pets, health or food, you'll find a social space where you'll have a community of businesses, nonprofits and others like you that you can rely on.

Ask questions, engage in conversations, submit ideas, read blogs from local experts and get rewarded when you do!

No advertisements, No filtering, No judgement.  just you and your cohorts.

Getting Started

Now that you've joined, what's next?  The first thing you should do is visit your social page. It's where you can see everything you have done on localMana, your friends, point balances and also edit your profile.

To visit, click on the person icon at the top right of the page and click your name. Explore you social activity and profile page.

Click the Edit Profile button to edit your profile. This is where you can change your display name, email address and password, determine how often to get notifications and you may want to upload a picture. You'll notice that everything else is blank and there is no reason to fill anything in.

NEXT:  Explore and join your Main Street and any Social Spaces that might interest you. Find a community and join in! NOTE: If you see an envelope icon, click it and it will turn red. Then when something gets added or changes, you'll get a notification. Keeps your finger on the pulse of things you're interested in.

Community not there? Let us know and we'll create it.

Main Streets

Every town has one. A place to engage with others in town around local things that matter. Main Street towns are only for town residents, not visitors or previous residents. It's all about what is happening in your town. Discuss school budgets, local sports, town events. It's not about coyote sightings or potholes, it's about creating awareness and solving problems!

Social Spaces

Social Spaces are just that, social destinations that hold communities that you can join based on your passion or need.

Business Directory

Learn all about your local businesses here on localMana. Our business partners are here because they are committed to the communities they serve, have a lot of knowledge to share and are looking for a better way to engage and reward you, they're loyal fans!


Everyone on localMana appreciates it when you engage whether its a facebook share, an idea, a comment, question or well, just about anything. That's why we reward you with points every time you engage on localMana. In fact, we have over 100 events on localMana that generate point rewards.

Engage, Rack em up and Redeem!
We're just starting but that doesn't mean your points aren't valuable. Soon you will be able to redeem them for discounts, merchandise and gift cards

Why we are different than facebook

OK, let's address the big elephant in the room - Facebook

We realize that you have a lot of social options and you may be hesitant to add one more, but consider this;  facebook for instance, it's quick and perfect for friends and family. Groups are nice but how many groups can you belong to? How often do you engage and collaborate? Most likely you have notifications turned off and only engage periodically. Finally everyone has an opinion (some not so nice). Bottom line, it's hard to collaborate and sustain a relevant conversation.

localMana is different. We're not about busy timelines or opinions. We are all about sharing, supporting, inspiring and solving problems.  That's why we connect you to those that can help, whether its another community member, a business or nonprofit.


  • No filtering
  • Not timeline Driven
  • Anonymous
  • You get rewarded for engaging

So, there's a place for facebook and other social sites, but if you want an anonymous place to connect, seek support, learn and collaborate, localMana is here for you!

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